Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310)

Volume 2, No. 2

pp. 131—257 (October 2011)                    Contents


On direct product of t -norm ( , )-fuzzy subrings and t -norm ( , )-fuzzy subsemi-rings   

Pages 131–139    

X. Arul Selvaraj, D. Sivakumar

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On rough (m,n)-bi-ideals and generalized rough (m,n)-bi-ideals in semigroups 

Pages 141–150

Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Shabir, Naveed Yaqoob, Asim Shabir   

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Direct product of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in LA-semigroups-II    

Pages 151–160

S. Abdullah, M. Aslam, M. Imran, M. Ibrar

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Predictors of interest in cosmetic surgery – An analysis using induced fuzzy cognitive maps (IFCMs)    

Pages  161–169

W. Ritha, M. Mary Mejrullo Merlin

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Multi level inventory management decisions with transportation cost consideration in fuzzy environment     

Pages  171–181

 W. Ritha,  S. Rexlin Jeyakumari  

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Measures of compactness in L-topological spaces

Pages 183–192

Fu-Gui Shi

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Ideal theory of semigroups  based on the bipolar valued fuzzy set theory 

Pages  193–206

 Chang Su Kim,  Jeong Gi Kang,  Jung Mi Kang

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(L, )-smooth topogenous spaces and (L, )-smooth quasi-uniform spaces   

Pages  207–217

M. A. Abdel-Sattar   

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FP-soft set theory and its applications         

Pages  219–226

Naim Cagman, Filiz Ctak, Serdar Enginoglu    

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Characterizations of ternary semigroups by their anti fuzzy ideals

Pages  227–238

Muhammad Shabir, Noor Rehman

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Optimization of fuzzy integrated vendor-buyer inventory models  

Pages  239–257

W. Ritha, R. Kalaiarasi, Young Bae Jun

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Corrigendum to "Soft -rings and idealistic soft -rings"[1]

Pages  259–259

Mehmet Ali ÄOztÄurk, Ebubekir Inan

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