Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310)

Volume 4, No.  1

pp. 1—206 (July 2012)                      Contents


Intersectional soft BCK/BCI-ideals  

Pages  1–7

Young Bae Jun, Kyoung Ja Lee, Eun Hwan Roh

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Extension of network primal simplex algorithm for solving minimum cost

 flow problem with fuzzy costs based on ranking functions

Pages 9–24

Ali Ebrahimnejad, Seyed Hadi Nasseri

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T-syntopogenous spaces

Pages 25–48   

Khaled A. Hashem

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On interval valued fuzzy ideals in hemirings

Pages 49–62

Muhammad Shabir, Nosheen Malik, Tahir Mahmmod

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Bicyclic semigroups of left I-quotients

Pages 63–71 

N. Ghroda

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Roughness in the field of quotients of an integral domain

Pages 73–81   

 Haci Aktaş,   Filiz Çitak

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Cubic sets

 Pages 83–98    

Young Bae Jun, Chang Su Kim, Ki Oong Yang     

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Application of -cuts for interval data in DEA with fuzzy coefficients

Pages 99–107 

 Sohrab Kordrostami, Alireza Amirteimoori, Shahla Kazemi, Ali Ebrahimnejad

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 Ideals and filters in CI -algebras based on bipolar-valued fuzzy sets

Pages 109–121 

Young Bae Jun, Kyoung Ja Lee, Eun Hwan Roh  

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(, )-fuzzy  ideals of ordered semigroups

Pages 123–129

Yuming Feng, Piergiulio Corsini  

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Relation diagram between fuzzy n-fold filters in BL-algebras

Pages 131–141

Cyrille Nganteu Tchikapa, Celestin Lele   

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On generalized open fuzzy sets

Pages 143–154

Ratna Dev Sarma, A. Sharfuddin, Anubha Bhargava  

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Rough intuitionistic fuzzy ideals in semigroups

Pages 155–168

Jayanta Ghosh, T. K. Samanta

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Applications of intuitionistic fuzzy  -closed sets

Pages 169–175

Parimala Mani, Devi Ramasamy  

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Some contributions to soft groups  

Pages 177–195

Muhammad Aslam, Saqib Mazher Qurashi

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Some kinds of idealistic  soft -rings induced by fuzzy ideals

Pages 197–206

Xianping Liu

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