Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310)


pp. 207—423 (October 2012)                      


Generalised intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets and an adjustable approach to decision making

Pages  207–215

Bivas Dinda, Tuhin Bera, T. K. Samanta

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On soft -semigroups

Pages  217–223

Thawhat Changphas, Boonyen Thongkam   

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N-structures applied to ideals in semigroups 

Pages  225–233

Sang Tae Jung, Tae Sam Kim, Sang Wook Yun  

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Fuzzy weakly prime ideals of near-subtraction semigroups

Pages  235–242

P. Dheena, G. Mohanraj       

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Anti fuzzy near-algebras over anti fuzzy fields

Pages  243–252

T. Srinivas, P. Narasimha Swamy, T. Nagaiah

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Bipolar fuzzy ideals with operators in semigroups

Pages  253–265

Hee Young Ban, Myoung Jo Kim, Yoon Jung Park

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Attribute reduction in tolerance information systems based on evidence theory

Pages  267–279

Weihua Xu, Wenxin Sun, Qiaorong Wang, Yufeng Liu

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Reliability evaluation of condensate system using fuzzy Markov model

Pages  281–291

Amit Kumar, Sneh Lata

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On some convergence structures in L-semi-uniform spaces   

Pages  293–303

D. Hazarika, D. K. Mitra  

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Some results on T-fuzzy ideals of -near-rings

Pages  305–319

T. Srinivas, T. Nagaiah   

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Generalized intuitionistic fuzzy interior ideals in a semigroup

Pages  321–334

Muhammad Shabir, Imran Haider Qureshi

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Some aspects of 2-fuzzy inner product space

Pages  335–342     

Thangaraj Beaula, R. Angeline Sarguna Gifta  

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The lattice structure of weakly induced principal L-topologies

Pages  343–348     

Raji George, T. P. Johnson  

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Inverse system of fuzzy soft modules

Pages  349–363   

Sadi Bayramov, Ci˘gdem Gunduz (Aras), Murat Ibrahim Yazar 

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On soft int-groups

Pages  365–375     

Kenan Kaygisiz   

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Some operators on intuitionistic fuzzy sets of root type  

Pages  377–383

R. Srinivasan, N. Palaniappan  

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On Category of Interval Valued Fuzzy Topological Spaces  

Pages  385–392    

S. Saleh

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On characterization of timelike biharmonic D-helices according to Darboux frame on non-degenerate timelike surfaces in the Lorentzian Heisenberg group H

Pages  393–400

Talat K¨orpinar, Essin Turhan   

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Some new generalized classes of sequences of fuzzy numbers de ned by an Orlicz function   

Pages  401–406

Ayhan Esi, Bipan Hazarika    

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Fuzzy quasi-ideals and fuzzy bi-ideals of ternary semigroups

Pages  407–423   

Sukhendu Kar, Paltu Sarkar 

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