Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310, e-ISSN 2287-6235)

Volume 7, No. 1

pp. 1—179 (January 2014)                      Contents


Using fuzzy goal programming in solving quadratic bi-level fractional multi-objective programming problems

Mansour Saraj, Sadegh Sadeghi

Pages  1-13

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On the existence and uniqueness of solutions to fuzzy boundary value problems

Amin Esfahani,  Omid Solaymani Fard, Tayebeh Aliabdoli Bidgoli

Pages  15-29

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Prime and semiprime fuzzy bi-ideals in - semigroups-revisited  

Sujit Kumar Sardar, Soumitra Kayal

Pages  31-44

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Compact fuzzy soft spaces

smail Osmanolu, Deniz Tokat

Pages  45-51

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Interval-valued intuitionistic -fuzzy implicative filters on lattice implication algebras

Yi Liu, Xiaoyan Qin, Yang Xu

Pages  53-65

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Intuitionistic fuzzy totally weakly generalized continuous mappings

R. Krishna Moorthy, P. Rajarajeswari

Pages  67-76

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Fuzzy 2-normed spaces and its fuzzy I-topology

Mohannad  Janfada, Abolfazl Nejadali Baghan

Pages  77-87

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New structures on partially ordered soft sets and soft Scott topology

Bekir Tanay, Gzde Yaylali

Pages  89-97

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On fuzzy D-Baire spaces

Ganesan Thangaraj, Singarayar Anjalmose

Pages  99-108

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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Matrix and Its Application in Decision Making Problems

Tanushree Mitra Basu, Nirmal Kumar Mahapatra, Shyamal Kumar Mondal

Pages  109-131

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Solutions of fuzzy heat-like equations by variational iteration method

 S. Narayanamoorthy, K. Murugan

Pages  133-142

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Intuitionistic fuzzy soft matrix theory and it's application in medical diagnosis

 Manoj Bora, Banashree Bora, Tridiv Jyoti Neog, Dusmanta Kumar Sut

Pages  143-153

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Classes of generalized difference ideal convergent sequence of fuzzy numbers

Bipan Hazarika 

Pages  155-172

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On fuzzy m-systems and n-systems of ordered semigroups

 G. Mohanraj, D. Krishnaswamy, R. Hema

Pages  173-179

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