Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310, e-ISSN 2287-6235)

Volume 7, No. 2

pp. 181—354 (February 2014)                      Contents


-operation and decompositions of some forms of soft continuity in soft topological spaces

A. Kandil, O. A. E. Tantawy, S. A. El-Sheikh, A. M. Abd El-Latif

Pages  181-196

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Characterizations of falling fuzzy positive implicative ideals in -algebras

Young Bae Jun, Mehmet Ali ztrk, Alev Firat

Pages  197-204

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On vague soft groups  

Banu Pazar Varol, Abdlkadir Aygnolu, Halis Aygn

Pages  205-218

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Fuzzy detour g-centre in fuzzy graphs

J. P. Linda, M. S. Sunitha

Pages  219-228

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On fuzzy filters of -algebras

M. Sambasiva Rao

Pages  229-238

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Hahn-Banach extension theorem in generating spaces of quasi-norm family

G. Rano, T. Bag, S. K. Samanta

Pages  239-249

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Fuzzy compactification of fuzzy frames

C. F. Philomena, Sunny Kuriakose

Pages  251-261

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Positive implicative filters of -algebras

M. Sambasiva Rao

Pages  263-273

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Some improved results on the convexity of fuzzy nets

Dong Qiu, Wei Zhang, Chongxia Lu

Pages  275-279

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On induced fuzzy supra-topological spaces

Arafa A. Nasef, R. Mareay

Pages  281-287

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On ideal convergent sequence spaces of fuzzy real numbers associated with multiplier sequences defined by sequence of Orlicz functions

 Bipan Hazarika, Ayhan Esi

Pages  289-301

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-fyzzy 0-(1-or 2- or 3-) 2-absorbing ideals in semirings

 Ahmad Yousefian Darani, Ashraf Hashempoor

Pages  303-311

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On fixed points in fuzzy metric spaces

Nanda Ram Das, Mintu Lal Saha 

Pages  313-318

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On fuzzy -oscillation and it's application in image processing

 Sharmistha Bhattacharya (Halder), Susmita Roy

Pages  319-326

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Pairwise (i=1,2) ordered space and pairwise normally ordered space in an intuitionistic fuzzy topological space

 S. Padmapriya, M. K. Uma, E. Roja

Pages  327-341

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On connectedness in ditopological texture spaces

 O. A. E. Tantawy, S. A. El-Sheikh, M. Yakout, A. M. Abd El-Latif

Pages  343-354

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