Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310, e-ISSN 2287-6235)

Volume 9, No. 2

pp. 183—364 (February 2015)                 Contents


Application of intuitionistic fuzzy mathematical programming with exponential membership and quadratic non-membership functions in matrix games

Mijanur Rahaman Seikh, Prasun Kumar Nayak, Madhumangal Pal

Pages  183-195

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A note on fuzzy -Baire spaces

Ganesan Thangaraj, Eswaran Poongothai

Pages  197-203

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On fuzzy supplement submodules 

Yahya Talebi, Atefeh Darzi

Pages  205-213

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On pairwise -connectedness, pairwise -disconnectedness and pairwise -compactness in vague fuzzy digital bi-structure spaces 

R. Narmada Devi, E. Roja, M. K. Uma

Pages  215-233

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Uni-soft substructures of groups

Aslihan Sezgin Sezer, Naim Çağman, Akin Osman Atagün

Pages  235-246

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Hausdorff fuzzy soft topological spaces

Seema Mishar, Rekha Srivastava

Pages  247-260

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Interval-valued fuzzy prime and semiprime ideals of a hypersemiring

Tapan Kumar Dutta, Sukhendu Kar, Sudipta Purkait

Pages  261-278

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Soft interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy rough sets

Abhijit Saha, Anjan Mukherjee

Pages  279-292

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Some observations on fuzzy cone metric spaces and fixed point theorems of contractive mappings

T. Bag

Pages  293-306

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Solving fuzzy linear differential equations by a new method

S. Melliani, E. El Jaoui, L. S. Chadli

Pages  307-323

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Coincidence point theorems through weak contractions in partially ordered fuzzy metric spaces

Ramesh Kumar Vats, Binayak S. Choudhury, Amit Kumar, P. Saha

Pages  325-340

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Fuzzy soft -semiring and fuzzy soft -ideal over -semiring

M. Murali Krishna Rao

Pages  341-354

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Commutative fuzzy languages and their gneralizations

V. P. Archana

Pages  355-364

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