Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310, e-ISSN 2287-6235)

Volume 10, No. 1

pp. 1— 192(July 2015)                 Contents


-fuzzy ideals in -semiring

M. Murali Krishna Rao, B. Vekateswarlu

Pages  1-16

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Intuitionistic fuzzy WO-connectedness between intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Jyoti Pandey Bajpai, S. S. Thakur

Pages  17-27

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Solutions of fuzzy heat-like equations by variational iteration method 

S. Melliani, A. Harir, L. S. Chadli

Pages  29-44

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Vector soft topology 

Moumita Chiney, S. K. Samanta

Pages  45-64

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On soft fuzzy pre S-closed spaces in soft fuzzy topological spaces

A. Haydar Eş

Pages  65-76

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On intuitionistic fuzzy closed sets

M. Parimala, C. Indirani, A. Selvakumar

Pages  77-85

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Some types of compactness in double topological spaces

A. Kandil, S. A. El-Sheikh, M. M. Yakout, Shawqi A. Hazza

Pages  87-102

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Fuzzy -continuous mappings

Anita Singh Banafar, S. S. Thakur, Shailendra Singh Thakur

Pages  103-108

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On soft -baire spaces

E. D. Yildirim, A. Ç. Güler, O. B.

Pages  109-121

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Categorical relationships of fuzzy topological systems with fuzzy topological spaces and underlying algebras Ⅱ

Purbita Jana, Mihir K. Chakraborty

Pages  123-137

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-Open sets and separation axioms in fuzzifying topology

A. Vadivel, M. Palanisamy

Pages  139-160

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On -fuzzy soft ideals of nearrings

Muhammad Shabir, Rani Sumaira Kanwal

Pages  161-180

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Fuzzy, rough, rough fuzzy interior ideals of ternary semigroups

Bibhas Chandra Saha, Samit Kumar Majumder, Pavel Pal, Sujit Kumar Sardar

Pages  181-192

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