Fuzzy multiset operations in applications

        B. O. Onasanya and A. S. Sholabomi

          PDF (269KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181114R1

Arithmetic rough statistical convergence for triple sequences

        A. Esi, N. Subramanian and A. Esi

          PDF (333KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-190107R1

Fuzzy -ideals in -incline

        M. Murali Krishna Rao, B. Venkateswarlu and Noorbhasha Rafi

          PDF (345KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181113R2

Some group's analogous results in multigroup setting

        P. A. Ejogwa and A. M. Ibrahim

          PDF (321KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181001R1

On -fuzzy pre-proximities and -fuzzy closure operators

        A. A. Ramadan, M. A. Usama and R. Mohamed

          PDF (337KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181213R1

Bipolar fuzzy topological spaces

        J. H. Kim, S. K. Samanta, P.K. Lim, J. G. Lee and K. Hur

          PDF (398KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181015-1

Initial fuzzy soft closure structures

        Ismail Ibedou and S. E. Abbas

          PDF (367KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181221R1

Some remarks on fuzzy strongly irresolvable spaces

        G. Thangaraj and D. Vijayan

          PDF (270KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181022

-fuzzy ideals and space of prime -fuzzy ideals in distributive lattices

        Berhanau Assaye Alaba and Wondwosen Zemene Norahun

          PDF (371KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181014R2

Shadowed set approximation of fuzzy sets based on nearest quota of fuzziness

        T. O. Willian-West, Adeku Musa Ibrahim and Donfack Kana A. F.

          PDF (320KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180817R1

Nearness rings

        Mehmet Ali Öztürk and Ebubekir İnan

          PDF (389KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-181030R1

An ANFIS perspecitve for the diagnosis of type II diabetes

        Murat Kirişci, Hasan Yimaz and M. Ubeydullah Saka

          PDF (512KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180906R1