Variants of compatible mappings using implicit relations in fuzzy metric spaces

        Pawan Kumar, Balbir Singh and Z. K. Ansari

          PDF (281KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-170905R3

Intuitionistic hyperspaces

        J. H. Kim, P. K. Lim, J. G. Lee and K. Hur

          PDF (387KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-171206R1

A study on multi-integers forming a multi-integral domain

        Debjyoti Chatterjee and S. K. Samanta

          PDF (360KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-171024-1R1

Fuzzy topological concepts via ideals and grills

        S. E. Abbas and Ismail Ibedou

          PDF (141KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-171110R2

Intuitionistic continuous, closed and open

        J. G. Lee, P. K. Lim, J. H. Kim and K. Hur

          PDF (354KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-170919R1

A novel generalization of uni-soft subalgebras and ideals in -algebras

        Young Bae Jun, Kul Hur and Kyoung Ja Lee

          PDF (286KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-171006R1