Application of weighted average cardinality measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets in ranking of intuitionistic fuzzy sets[The Special Issue]

        Madiha Qayyum, Atiqur Rehman, Etienne E Kerre and Samina Ashraf

          PDF (216KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180406R1

On Intuitionistic L-fuzzy prime submodules[The Special Issue]

        P. K. Sharma and Kanhan

          PDF (324KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180330R2

New transitivity property of Intuitionistic multiplicative preference relation and its application in missing value estimation[The Special Issue]

        Mamata Sahu and Anjana Gupta

          PDF (228KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180424R3

Level graphs of intuitionistic fuzzy graphs[The Special Issue]

        Muhammad Akram

          PDF (207KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180404R1

Soft sets in fuzzy setting

        Chen Xueyou

          PDF (333KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180503R1

Single valued neutrosophic relations

        J. H. Kim, P. K. Lim, J. G. Lee and K. Hur

          PDF (349KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180306R1

Fuzzy annihilator ideals in distributive lattices

        Berhanau Assaye Alaba, Wondwosen Zemene Norahun

          PDF (304KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180421R2

Continuities and neighborhood structures intuitionistic smooth topological spaces [The Special Issue]

        S. R. Kim, P. K. Lim, J. H. Kim and K. Hur

          PDF (403KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180331R1

Generalized fuzzy sets in UP-algebras

        Noppharat Dokkhamdang, Akekarin Kesorn and Aiyared Iampan

          PDF (328KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180430R1

Ordinary intuitionistic smooth topological spaces[The Special Issue]

        J. H. Kim, P. K. Lim, J. G. Lee and K. Hur

          PDF (382KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180415

A characterization of generalized cyclic group

        N. Ajmal, N. Sultana and I. Jahan

          PDF (340KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180317R1

Fuzzy Hilbert adjoint operator and its properties

        S. Ghosal and T. Bag

          PDF (307KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-180327-1R1