Interval-valued ideals in BCK-algebras

         S. H. Han, S. M. Mostafa, K. Hur, Jong-Il Baek

         PDF (346KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220627R1

A new fixed point result in double controlled fuzzy metric spaces with application

         Rakesh Tiwari, Vladimir Rakocevic, Shraddha Rajput

         PDF (2.02MB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220531R1

On the interior and closure operators of fuzzifying neighborhood systems

         Ting Hou, Longyu He, Keyun Qin

         PDF (287KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220516R1

Regular nearness semigroups

         Ö. Tekin, M, A. Öztürk

         PDF (295KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220525-1R1

The young structure based on N-structure and its application in BCI/BCK-algebras

         Young Bae Jun

         PDF (305KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220508R1

Operations on temporal intuitionistic fuzzy sets

         R. Parvathi, C. Yuvapriya

         PDF (319KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-211203R7

Multiset linear extensions with a heuristic algorithm

         F. Balogun, D. Singh, S. Aliyu

         PDF (281KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220225R1

On deferred Cesàro summability and statistical convergence for the sets of triple sequences

         Ömer Ki┼či, Mehmet Gürdal

         PDF (320KB) | REVIEW                                                 AFMI-H-220503R1

Fuzzy P-sets and fuzzy P'-sets in fuzzy topological spaces

         G. Thangaraj, S. Muruganantham

         PDF (315KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220219R2

Bi-interior ideals and fuzzy bi-interior ideals of -semigroups

         M. Murali krishna Rao

         PDF (304KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220115R1

Some results on operator semigroups of a -semigroup in terms of fuzzy subsets

         Musa Adeku Ibrahimi, Johnson Aderemi Awolola

         PDF (318KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220228R1

Triangular shaped type-2 fuzzy numbers: Application to type-2 fuzzy differential equations

         Norihiro Someyama, Hiroaki Uesu, Kimiaki Shinkai, Shuya Kanagawa

         PDF (935KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220215R2

-crossing cubic -ideal of -algebra

         S. M. Mostafa, J. G. Lee, Y. B. Jun, K. Hur, Christeen K. S. Ebid

         PDF (372KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220317R1

The ()-fuzzy set and its application in BCK-algebras

         Young Bae Jun and Kul Hur

         PDF (341KB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220224R1

Chlodowsky type ()-Bernstein stancu operator of rough triple sequence space of fuzzy numbers

         Ayhan Esi, Nagarjan Subramanian and M. Kemal Ozdemir

         PDF (1MB) | REVIEW                                                AFMI-H-220302