Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
Ethical Code


    Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics(abbrev. AFMI) treats original research in the theory and applications of Fuzzy Sciences bases on Mathematics and Information Sciences. Since plagiarism is globally recognized as a serious academic offence, please read and adhere to the guidelines for ethics in submission and publication. This general statement will be supplemented by instructions to authors (as well as in communications to editors and peer reviewers) relevant for the journal.
    For the policies on the research and publication ethics not stated in this instructions, international standards for editores and authors( can be applied.


1. Ethical Code of Authors


2. Ethical Code of Editors


3. Ethical Code of Reviewers

    Peer review assists the editor in making editorial decisions and through the editorial communications with the author may also assist the author in improving the paper. Since peer review is an essential component of formal scholarly communication, and lies at the heart of the scientific method, the reviewers should have an obligation to do a fair share of reviewing, as follows.


Enacted : August 1, 2014
Revised : September 1, 2017