Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics
          (ISSN 2093-9310, e-ISSN 2287-6235)

Volume 11, No. 3

pp. 349—510(March 2016)                 Contents


Supra regular generalized closed soft sets in supra soft topological spaces

Zehra Güzel Ergül, Şaziye Yüksel

Pages  349-360

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An intuitionistic normal fuzzy soft -ideal over a -semiring

M.Murali Krishna Rao, B. Vekateswarlu

Pages  361-376

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Some Reviews in fuzzy subgroups and anti fuzzy subgroups 

B. O. Onasanya

Pages  377-385

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Soft intersectional ideals of -semirings

Debabrata Mandal

Pages  387-396

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Soft residuated lattice based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Shokoofeh Ghorbani

Pages  397-413

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Characterizations of normal parameter reductions of soft sets

V. Renukadevi, G. Sangeetha

Pages  415-424

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Application of soft sets in decision making based on game theory

Irfan Deli, Naim Çağman

Pages  425-438

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A new approach for solving fully fuzzy multi-choice multi-objective linear programming problem

Shashi Aggarwal, Uday Sharma

Pages  439-459

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Some remarks on interval valued anti fuzzy ideals of near-rings

N. Thillaigovindan, V. Chinnadurai, K. Lenin Muthu Kumaran

Pages  461-474

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A study on soft* lower rough approximation and soft* upper rough approximation

Sharmistha Bhattacharya Halder, Piyali Debnath

Pages  475-483

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Feeble compactness of intuitionistic fell topological space

C. Bavithra, M. K. Uma, E. Roja

Pages  485-494

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On some fuzzy covering axioms via ultrafilters

B M Uzzal Afsan

Pages  495-504

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Monoids of intuitionistic fuzzy matrices

S. Sriram, J. Boobalan

Pages  505-510

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